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I’m a new buyer and MMI was a great choice! Marc gave a lot of detailed information about notes and their quality. He helped pick out a great gift for my son. He knows his stuff. Transaction though PAYPAL was easy and I got my notes within 2 days. I will definitely buy from him again and I highly recommend this company.

–Jay, California

I’ve been buying 500s and 1000s from Marc back when he was with Panther Precious Metals in the mid 1990s. I’m happy to report that some 20+ years later, I’m still receiving the same personalized attention and great service that I did over two decades ago. His knowledge and attention detail is unsurpassed.

–Robert Torrance

Dear Sirs, I want to thank you for assisting in the recent sale of my currency notes. I have to admit I took these same notes to several other dealers. They wanted to either cherry pick the best ones or they low balled me on many of the items they didn’t want. I found your offer better across the board. I will be sure to recommend you to other currency collectors. Thank you again.

–Ron in Maryland

I paid with PAYPAL Tuesday afternoon and had my notes the next day before noon !
These guys don’t fool around. You get what you pay for and you get it fast.

–Peter Stamford, CT

I’ve been dealing with Marc for 3 1/2 years now. He has a great eye for quality notes but more importantly he is reliable. Every deal we have had has been exactly like he described it would be. I am always notified when funds arrive and I am always notified when he ships. I can’t say enough about the level of customer service. If you are considering buying from Marc, look no further. He’s the guy.

–Bob W. Monterey

My husband wanted something particular for his birthday and I am brand new to purchasing notes and really had no idea where to start. I contacted Marc at High Denomination and he was able to walk me through everything without ever being pushy. He has a phenomenal knowledge and expertise and my husband was very satisfied with his gift. Will continue to do business with Marc.

–Alexis. CT

I’ve been working on a district set of LGS $1000s with Marc for the past 4 years. I am looking AU 55 and 58 examples, strictly original graded by PCGS with the PPQ attribution. Marc has hand picked the choicest notes for the grade for my collection. He knows I’m a discerning buyer but I’ve bought every note he’s offered. With 10 of the 12 note set complete, it has been a pleasure working with him.

–Mark Sarasota, FL

In 2010 I was pretty much forced to sell my collection of banknotes due to hard times. I knew that I was going to lose money because the market was down. I called Marc and he gave me a detailed appraisal. He actually recommend that I see a couple other dealers in my area and get second and third estimates. Not all together to my surprise Marc’s total quote was significantly better than the other two dealers. I sold my collection to Marc with no regrets. I didn’t make money but I minimized my loss. Sometimes that can be a good thing too. I highly recommend Marc if you’re looking for someone to pay you fairly on your collection.

–Rick M New York

I have to admit I was apprehensive ordering a big ticket item from They quickly got rid of my fears by reassuring me of their track record and providing endless references. Sure enough the banknote I ordered was better than I expected and the transit time was minimal. Five star service. I fully recommend highdenomination to to anyone interested in buying quality paper money.

–Big Al. TX

I collect US type notes and was looking for a nice $500 and $1000. Sometimes you wonder when you deal with a company for the first time. I can tell you without a doubt that now after buying my second piece of currency, these guys are as HONEST as the day is long. Simply said, they do not disappoint and they understand that the customer service and customer satisfaction is what it’s all about. I give them an A+ rating.

–Matt R. Houston, TX

I thought a $500 would make a unique gift for a best friends special day. I bought the bill from Marc and I was very pleased with the transaction. More importantly, my friend absolutely loved it.

–Anne San Diego, CA

I am a new buyer and found highdenomination on eBay. I put in a couple orders for great prices and service and thought I would give this company a call. When I called, Marc answered the phone. I like this kind of personalized service and now whenever I call I get Marc on the phone or get a call back from him promptly if I leave a message. I’ve built a working relationship with Marc and can deal with him with no doubts whatsoever. Calling there was the best thing I ever did and now Marc is my first phone call whenever I’m looking for a certain currency note.

–Peter Springfield, IL

I don’t really believe in mail order so I was happy to find that there was a local dealer who deals in U.S. Currency. He doesn’t have a shop to speak of but it’s a nice office that is like he says geared to “wholesale to the trade.” I’m not a dealer but he was kind enough to let me pick up an order I had placed. Like I said I was thrilled to have found this place. It won’t be my last order.

–Chris Ft. Lauderdale

Our firm has been dealing with Marc Michaelsen since 1996. As a bulk consumer of high denomination notes, Marc has never let us down. Fulfillment continues to this day. Simply said, his word is his bond.

–Casino Promotions. Las Vegas, NV

I received the $500 bill today. It was securely packaged and once I opened the package all I could say was WOW ! The note is even nicer than it looked online. It’s going to make a wonderful birthday gift for my husband. Thank you so much.

–Robin in Atlanta

Marc helped me get most of my collection graded. He is an authorized dealer for both of the big coin and currency grading companies so I felt comfortable sending him my holdings. The attention to detail was really incredible. I knew in advance what I would be paying for each and every service. Marc charged a small amount over his dealer cost yet I know it took a lot of work to prepare the coin and currency submissions. There were no last minute surprises as I was informed of all my costs including postage and handling. Marc kept me posted throughout the process even providing me with a grading report as soon as the collection had been encapsulated. Thank you very much.

–Allen Honolulu, HI

I met Marc in the 1990s at the Memphis Paper Money Show. I am a price conscious buyer and ever since my first purchase at Marc’s table at that show, he has always treated me fairly on pricing. Five stars for price, quality and service. Cheers.

–Ben in Nashville

I know it’s not easy to buy on the Internet. I’ve been burned more than once and I told myself I wouldn’t buy online again. The thing that makes Marc’s site a breath of fresh air is that there are no surprises! You order, you pay, you receive promptly. If you don’t like it, you can return it. Furthermore, the scans are excellent (not enhanced or tweaked) so you know exactly what you’re getting. To tell you the truth, the currency looks BETTER in real life then it does in the scans! The descriptions are awesome and the grading is on target. For raw notes, Marc gives you an accurate grade and description. I highly recommend Marc Michaelsen, Inc.

–Andrew Grand Junction

This is my seventh purchase from The website has been a great source of information and easy to navigate. I usually go online Friday nights and find Marc has listed a bunch of new purchases. In almost every case Marc’s prices have been better than the competition and I don’t even bother calling to order. I always order online pay right away and the notes arrive shortly after. He has a great selection of notes and it’s always a pleasure ordering.

–Pat Orlando

I first met Marc at the Long Beach show in 1997. He would make the show out to So Cal 3 times every year. I’d buy great notes from him on every visit. He doesn’t come out to show as often these days but we continue to have a great business relationship. 20 years later and literally hundreds of purchases, I give Marc the highest rating. He knows his stuff better than anyone.

–John in Hermosa Beach