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The "Currency Dealer Newsletter" aka: "The Greensheet" is a CDN publication that comes out monthly. It reports on the state of the currency market and features the "Activity" article by currency expert, Kevin Foley.

Also found in The Greensheet, are feature articles written by guest writers or specialists within certain areas of currency. These articles vary from month to month and cover a wide range of currency related topics.

This author has had the privilege of writing for the greensheet on nine occasions thus far. The subject matter in these articles cover different aspects of the high denomination note market. Each of these articles is available here for your review and is supported by adobe software. You can view these articles simply by clicking on the article title below. Also included is an article for the U.S Currency Price Guide "Goldsheet" entitled "High Denoms."


It’s my goal to keep this "Articles" section updated as new information becomes available – it’s truly a work in progress. Expect to see rarity grids, select serial number data, and population reports in the near future. Please be sure to check back often as new information is presented.

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