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David S. Manley (The Currency House, Inc) 1969-2013

It’s hard to find the words for my best friend Dave Manley. Dave was first and foremost a wonderful father. He was always great with kids and it showed in his dedication to Volusia Youth Baseball. He was very respected, loved and looked up to by many.

In the world of currency, Dave was the consummate class act. He bought his first $500 in the early 2000s from Heritage. His next purchase was from me in 2001. I knew from then on that I wanted to be associated with this guy. Dave was very smart, a good negotiator, and he had a keen eye. His word was his bond and he didn’t dabble in the grey area. If you were wrong, you were wrong and he made you pay for it. That said; Dave taught me to trust and to treat other people the way you would want to be treated.

Dave was never my business partner, but we partnered alot of cool deals: Colorado Cash Hoard, Dearborn Hoard, Miami Beach Mansion Hoard and the marketing of the Florida Find (to mention just a few.) Other deals were so obscure (yet sizable) we only gave them funky nicknames that no one ever heard of. – Dave was an excellent judge of character.  Our business relationship grew into a great friendship. Dave was extremely loyal and his word was gold. Sometimes he was tough but he was always fair. Dave always “had my back” and he treated me like a brother. Dave taught me trust. He taught me to care. Simply said, he made me a better person. Dave and I were very close. I will always cherish the times we had together. Dave was my best friend.

Marc Michaelsen