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Fr. 2201-G 1934 $500 – Chicago – Solid 7’s



Status: Sold

Sometimes we have the pleasure of offering the same note more than once.  This is one of those instances.  First offered in 2005, this is the now the second time we’re offering this ultimate “fancy” serial number $500 Federal Reserve Note.

This “solid sevens” 2201-G boasts the highest solid serial number known of a $500 Federal Reserve note, all series, all districts.  We’ve handled 3, 4 and even 5 digit mini solids before but this 5 digit solid seven’s note trumps them all. – The note is thoroughly original with punch through embossing readily evident through the third party holder. –  As if this wasn’t enough, the issuer of this banknote is the Chicago FRB.  The bank is signified by has the the 7th letter of the alphabet (G) and four prominent sevens seen on the the four corners of the face of the note.

This could easily be a $25,000 note (or more) to the right person.  We feel a more favorable valuation is half the retail value, 12.5K. – Unique !